The Making of the Paris Peninsula – a biography of 19 Avenue Kleber, the century old palace where the Peninsula will open its first hotel in Europe during 2014. Written by Daniel Jeffreys, produced by the deluxewords team and published by IPCWW.

Modern Expression Shanghai

Modern Expressions – Shanghai – to mark the launch of Lane Crawford’s new Shanghai store, two dozen of Shanghai’s most creative people express their affection for the city and how it has affected their sense of style. Stories by deluxewords.

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Bottega VenetaWhen your own initials are enough..

Published by Rizzoli in October 2012.

Written by Daniel Jeffreys and others

Diamond Mountains Shining Seas

Diamond Mountains Shining SeasA Traveler’s Guide to Korea

Published by JoongAng Daily, published in Jun 26, 2007

Written by Daniel Jeffreys